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Leidos' portfolio of integrated airport security checkpoint solutions
  • Addresses day to day operational and financial challenges
  • Increases overall efficiency, enhances the passenger experience
  • Lowers operational costs

Leidos' Mach-Secure provide a set of modular solutions that can be adjusted to each checkpoints unique needs.

Choices include a master information summary management system, an automated tray handling, a directed search facility, passenger and personnel tracking and other aids plus much, much more.

The Mach-SmartBRS

The Mach-SmartBRS system offers an accurate baggage reconciliation solution that satisfies all requirements of ICAO Annex 17 reconciliation services and interfaces with airport DCS systems as well as SITA and ARINC standards.

Mach-SmartBRS is a proven baggage reconciliation solution that can support airlines and airports to deliver timely departure and an improved passenger experience through more effective management of aircraft pre-flight preparations.


Mach-SEMS is Leidos Security Detection & Automation’s Security Efficiency Management System.

It is a unique integrated monitoring system that collates data from the entire Mach-Secure® product family and allows for data analysis to ensure every checkpoint is managed efficiently and securely.

Its powerful analytical tools and historical reporting capabilities can provide airports with real-time equipment status, KPIs, operation alerts and passenger throughputs giving managers true visibility of their airports' on-the-ground status.

Mach-SEMS will highlight bottlenecks and disclose areas experiencing underperformance enabling staff to make smart, quick decisions to reduce queue waiting times, minimize any congestion and strengthen checkpoint security.

Mach-SEMS modular design offers a scalable approach to checkpoint facilities of any size. It can be retrofitted to existing systems and seamlessly integrated with third-party applications. With centralized data storage for equipment, operator actions and logins, training data and profiles, the business intelligence data captured by Mach-SEMS supports improved public safety, security and service at every checkpoint.


As part of the directive search process, Mach-SmartView offers a secure visualization and audit trail and enables security screening operatives to tag suspected threat items on both an X-ray image and photo image of a tray's content.

On completion of the X-ray process, the tagged images are securely stored and always available for further analysis and inspection.

Mach-SmartView is designed to be integrated with the checkpoint X-ray machines from the world’s leading manufacturers and can be configured for local or remote screening. Its modular concept and server client architecture ensure future expansion; and further deployment is a simple matter of adding search clients' to the MachSecure network.

Mach-SmartView is hardware independent and offers a future-proof solution.


Since its introduction at Manchester Airport in the United Kingdom in 2007, we have completed more than 500 Mach-SmartLane instalments at more than 100 leading airports across the globe, including Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and John F. Kennedy International Airport, (JFK) in New York.

Mach-SmartLane is an automated tray handling system that vastly reduces queue times, enhances operational efficiency, lowers staffing levels and improves the working environment for checkpoint personnel. The modular construction of Mach-SmartLane allows every application to be uniquely constructed – the system can be effectively configured even when space is limited. It is ergonomically designed to ensure easy loading and unloading of baggage and incorporates parallel loading techniques so slow travelers do not inhibit the movement of fellow passengers. Unlike traditional labor-intensive checkpoints, Mach-SmartLane reduces checkpoint staffing levels and allows checkpoint personnel to process more people in a secure, controlled, low-pressure environment.

Leidos Security Detection & Automation were the first company to receive approval to integrate the Mach-SmartLane system with Rapiscan Systems and Smiths Detection X-ray machines. An agnostic system, Mach-SmartLane also integrates seamlessly with ClearScan (Leidos SDS product), ProVision 2 (Leidos SDS product), Analogic, IDSS and Rohde & Schwarz.

Mach-SmartLane is fully CE certified, TSA approved in the United States, CATSA approved in Canada and DfT (Department for Transport) approved in the United Kingdom.


All airports are challenged by a shared concern of how to enhance the passenger experience while they respond to the need for increased vigilance across their checkpoint security screening operations. Mach-SmartViewMatrix can help airports seamlessly achieve a more secure screening environment.

By deploying a centralized screening facility such as Mach-SmartViewMatrix, airports will be able to enjoy the immediate benefits of improved and effective security screening operations along with better asset utilization.

Mach-SmartViewMatrix is an independent screening solution compatible with all leading single-view and dual-view X-ray devices and has the capability to matrix multiple single or dual-view X-ray images.


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