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Aviation Checkpoint  Screening

Innovative systems with flexibility, accuracy, speed and reliability

As leaders in the development of advanced screening technologies, L-3 has developed an array of forward-thinking detection systems that set the industry standard for accuracy, reliability and operational efficiency.

Our baggage screening, checkpoint security and cargo screening products and systems are in use around the globe. Every day, major airlines, airports, domestic and international governments and international authorities rely on L-3 technologies and products to safeguard property, protect the populations they serve, and to keep commerce moving.

From aviation hold baggage systems that effectively screen thousands of items and hour to exquisitely sensitive and specific detection equipment designed for inspecting tons of densely-packed cargo; or from walk-through metal detectors to carry-on baggage screening systems with pinpoint accuracy, L-3 has products that fit the most challenging security and detection applications.
From small airports to large international hubs, implementing the right screening solution means understanding your environment — and what fits you best.
At L-3, our comprehensive portfolio of hold baggage systems include TSA-certified and EU-approved Explosives Detection Systems (EDS) for every throughput class, from the compact eXaminer® SX, to the widely deployed eXaminer® 3DX, the enhanced speed eXaminer®3DX-ES, and the high-speed eXaminer® XLB.

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L-3’s ProVision enhances security at checkpoints in any secure environment - for airports, asset protection, federal and state courthouses, correctional institutions, embassies, border crossings, national laboratories, government and commercial offices and manufacturing, retail and warehousing facilities.

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As part of our comprehensive checkpoint security solutions, L-3 offers a wide variety of metal detectors that help screeners rapidly and easily differentiate between harmless objects and potential threats. Choose elliptic or panel, sensitivity level and throughput for the right system to search for concealed weapons, prevent theft or perform routine entry and exit screening. We’ve got the accurate, user-friendly metal detector to match the task.

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Recognizing diverse cargo inspection needs, L-3’s cargo solutions offer customs and security officers a portfolio of configurable high-energy X-ray screening systems, unparalleled integration and support services that keep commerce flowing smoothly — everywhere cargo travels. L-3 delivers the industry’s most advanced cargo imaging and detection capability — ClearView™ Imaging — generating cargo views with superior penetration and dynamic range. Image enhancement tools help operators maximize the accuracy and efficiency of their risk assessments.

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Detect virtually any explosive in less than four seconds — without relying on a reference library that must be constantly updated. Leveraging L-3’s innovative energetic materials detection (EMD) technology, the OptEX desktop explosives trace detection system allows security personnel to resolve threats quickly while keeping bags and people moving.

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L-3 Security & Detection Systems designs equipment for shipments of varied sizes and applications. With more than 30 years of experience, L-3 offers scanning inspection systems for break-bulk, skids, pallets and ULDs, subject to regulatory requirements. L-3’s equipment screens cargo ranging from containers of fruits and vegetables to electronics, and is currently in operation at shipping, forwarding and certified cargo screening facilities (CCSF) worldwide.

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PT. Citra Sembilan Satu

PT. Citra Sembilan Satu established in 1991, start their business activities in the field of procurement of goods and motor vehicle equipment with spare parts.

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range of communication and electronic
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and commercial platforms.

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