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Air Cargo X-ray Screening Systems

L-3 provides a range of systems that meet worldwide regulatory requirements
  • Multi-view X-ray to comply with recent and emerging regulatory requirements
  • High-powered X-ray for superior performance with organics and other dense commodities
  • Multiple tunnel sizes accommodate a range of freight  --- break-bulk, skids and pallets

Leidos Security Detection & Automation designs equipment for shipments of varied sizes and applications. With more than 30 years of experience, Leidos offers scanning inspection systems for break-bulk, skids, pallets and ULDs, subject to regulatory requirements. Leidos's equipment screens cargo ranging from containers of fruits and vegetables to electronics, and is currently in operation at shipping, forwarding and certified cargo screening facilities (CCSF) worldwide.

Leidos offers multi-view architectures along with best-value, single-view systems and TSA-qualified multi-view air cargo and freight screening systems.

Air Cargo Screening Systems and Features
TSA Classification Product Tunnel Size (mm/in) Certified EDS (CT) Advanced Technology (AT) Multiview Transport Canada Qualified TSA Qualified
Large X-ray PX™ 15.17 200 1501 x 1702
59.1 x 67
PX™ 15.17-MV 200 1501 x 1702
59.1 x 67
PX™ 15.17-MV 320 1509 x 1706
59.4 x 67.2
PX™ 18.18 200 1803 x 1805
71 x 71.1
PX™ 18.18-MV 200 1803 x 1804
71.3 x 71.1
PX™ 18.18-MV 320 1810 x 1807
71 x 71
Medium X-ray PX™ 10.10-MV 1013 x 1013
40 x 40
  PX™ 1000.DV HC        
Certified Explosives Detection Systems (EDS) eXaminer ® 3DX (inline) 800 x up to 630
(31.5 x 24.8)
  eXaminer ® HTSA (stand-alone) 800 x up to 630
(31.5 x 24.8)
  Reveal CT-80DR+          
Small X-ray ACX ® 6.4-MV 640 x 430
25.2 x 16.9
  ProScan 6.4s 618.9 x 425.5
24.4 x
  PX 5.3            
  PX 640 DV        


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