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High-Throughput Cabin Baggage Explosive Detection System


  • ECAC EDS C3 standard approved
  • High throughput and belt speed -- up to 600 passengers per hour
  • Eliminates divesting of liquids and electronics
  • Automated prohibited items detection
  • Designed to detect solid, liquid, sheet explosives and HMEs
  • Low false alarm rate
  • 3D/2D remote screening
  • Full complement of options (TIP, computer-based training, image archiving, network redundancy,
    SEMS operational software)
  • Industry leading compact footprint
  • Can be paired with automated tray return systems from all leading manufacturers, including

New aviation security regulations and threats require enhancements to airline security. These regulations also offer an opportunity to improve the passenger convenience by eliminating divestment of liquids and laptops. ClearScan is designed to meet these challenges because of its superior detection and operational performance.

ClearScan is part of a comprehensive aviation checkpoint solution that includes tray return systems, people screening, explosives trace and security management software. This total solution improves threat detection, enhances traveler satisfaction, and increases operational efficiency.

Enhanced Security

The ClearScan cabin baggage explosive detection system (EDS) combines dual-energy computed tomography (CT) technology and advanced explosives detection algorithms to detect solid, liquid, and sheet explosives as well as smaller emerging threats such as homemade explosives (HMEs), whether in the bag or in a laptop – all at a low false alarm rate. This powerful combination is designed to meet current and future detection standards while increasing passenger convenience.

Improved Passenger Convenience

A key element of checkpoint security is a streamlined passenger experience. ClearScan allows travelers to transit the checkpoint security line in less time and with less effort.

  • Eliminates divesting and re-vesting of liquids and electronics, allowing passengers to save time and use fewer trays.
  • A low false alarm rate reduces the number of bag re-check searches required
  • Optional integration with automated tray return system (TRS)
    • Auto divert pushes the alarmed bag to the re-check side allowing cleared bags to proceed uninterrupted
    • Self-paced parallel divestiture allows multiple passengers to enter the security simultaneously and bypass slower travelers

Greater Operational Efficiency

With scanning capacity of more than 600 passengers per hour and a low false alarm rate that dramatically reduces the need for time consuming bag searches, ClearScan can significantly improve airport checkpoint throughput and efficiency. Available options such as remote screening and integration with an automated TRS/diverter can further
optimize checkpoint staffing, allowing security agents to focus on requirements.

  • Remote screening efficiently allocates alarm resolution among security operators and reduces decision time, increasing throughput
  • Low false alarm rate reduces the need for bag re-check personnel while enhancing throughput
  • High resolution 3D and 2D imaging allows operator to resolve alarms rapidly and confidently

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