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VACIS IP6500 FullScan

Bumper-to-bumper X-ray imaging and full-time material discrimination in a modular, compact,
easy-to-deploy configuration

  • Automatically scans entire vehicles, including occupants
  • Full-time dual-energy material discrimination of cargo areas
  • Requires no civil works, and modular design speeds installation
  • Very low radiation dose to vehicle occupants and bystanders
  • Extremely small operating area with no added shielding required
  • High throughput drive-through operation
  • Modern, intuitive operating software is easy to use

The VACIS IP6500 FullScan integrated inspection system is a powerful, practical solution for inspecting vehicles and cargo in high-volume operations. The system can scan 150 or more vehicles per hour, bumper to bumper and roof to axles, including occupants.

The system's high-energy X-ray provides detailed images, even through heavy shielding, and can distinguish organic threats from inorganic material. Its radiation sensing system can detect, locate and categorize nuclear threats. Its optical character recognition system (OCR) can identify containers as they are scanned. And its searchable database component integrates and delivers images and data on demand.

The VACIS IP6500 FullScan system requires no civil works-it can be installed directly on an existing concrete or asphalt pad-and its low radiation dose allows operation in extremely small spaces with absolutely no need for shield walls or containment buildings.


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