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A high-throughput, full-vehicle plaza scanning solution for busy multi-lane checkpoints .
  • Quickly and reliably scans almost any passenger car, SUV, van, small truck, or other light vehicle.
  • Scans hundreds of vehicles per hour.
  • Operates with minimal or no impact on the normal flow of checkpoint traffic.
  • Provides inspection images wirelessly to handheld tablet computers to assist secondary inspection procedures.
  • Standard 2-lane system can be scaled to support multi-lane checkpoints of almost any size.

A high-throughput, full-vehicle plaza scanning solution for busy multi-lane checkpoints The VACIS Plaza XPL system is a unique, high-throughput, plaza-style inspection solution for critical high-volume border crossings. Its unique scanning technology scans entire passenger cars, light trucks and vans, and small buses from bumper to bumper and roof to tires (including occupants) to help security personnel at multi-lane border checkpoints search for weapons, explosives, drugs, undeclared goods, and other suspicious items.

The system's unobtrusive overhead scanning configuration, flush-with-the-roadway detectors, and integrated traffic regulation devices facilitate efficient movement of traffic through the system. Meanwhile, the system's low-dose X-ray scanning and material discrimination reveal hidden weapons and other threats while highlighting explosives, drugs, and other organic materials.

The system even includes powerful tablet computer-based tools to simplify secondary inspection procedures, and its networked communication architecture supports image analysis at the border crossing or hundreds of miles away at a centralized facility for added security.


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