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Sophisticated networking technology reduces costs and maximizes resources for screening ever-increasing volumes of travelers? hold baggage


  • Superior systemwide performance analytics
  • Powerful screening applications
  • Maximized operator efficiency
  • Optimized EDS utilization
OptiNet Capabilities
Deployed at the world's leading airports, OptiNet is a total solution for an integrated Leidos baggage handling network of any size or scope. Designed to provide meaningful data from all security systems in the airport, OptiNet can efficiently link up to 500 scanners, baggage viewing stations and search workstations on a single network. This scalable solution allows airport operators to reach their most challenging optimization goals. In addition, it allows AT and CT systems to communicate on the same network. Designed with the future in mind, OptiNet's flexibility allows centralized operator staffing and localized machine control, making it possible for smaller airports to run the system with no operators at site, using staff at another airport.

OptiNet Features
Centralized management of all security equipment resources from a single station, including:

  • Machine status, including fault monitoring and recovery
  • Operator station status
  • Operator performance trends, including individual performance
  • Single server access for retrieval of all security equipment data and reports
  • Terminal and/or security equipment type network teaming
  • Optimized operator station staffing throughout operational day
  • Peak processing rate of 70,000 images per hour

OptiNet Applications
Parallel screening
-- Bag images can be viewed by security and customs operators at the same time for increased efficiency.

Passenger information upload --
Passenger information is uploaded to the system in real time at check-in. When a suspect bag is tagged for inspection, the passenger information is transferred automatically to the correct inspection workstation.

Dynamic teaming --
In airports, networked scanners may be physically far apart and require separate search rooms to handle alarmed bags. Alarm bags from scanners on the other side of the airport are only a distraction to an operator for whom those bags will never show up in his room. Using teaming, the control room can associate security screeners with particular scanners, reducing distractions. This feature also allows for segregating different technologies, while having them operate on the same network infrastructure.

Image clearinghouse --
Conventional image queuing can cause problems. Images can get stuck behind problem images that are tying up a particular operator, even though other operators are available. Images can be sent to a viewing station where the operator forgot to sign off. This results in more bags timing out and going to the search room. OptiNet operates as a clearinghouse instead. It queues the image at the scanner and sends it to the first available operator. This assures that each alarm gets the attention it requires.

Reporting and monitoring (FDRS, TIP and FAE)  --
System flexibility allows AT and CT on one network and supports a "no network" configuration. System security if provided by a secured Network, password restrictions, and antivirus and firewall software to prevent attacks from breaking into or compromising the network. The centralized Field Data Reporting System (FDRS) is built upon existing NEDS, with a user defined query and reporting capability.

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